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Sunny was excellent at covering both basic and advanced topics in a manner that was easy for my entire staff to comprehend. She did an excellent job of not only explaining the how, but also the why behind certain features and screens. She was very well prepared and answered all questions effectively.

— Omar Ennabe, President, Ennkar

I also wanted to let you know that our Team felt that the Training recently provided by yourself and Valerie was a HUGE help in better understanding areas we could improve on when sending various forms of communication and requests to your Team, as well as helping us understand your process from an internal standpoint.

— Andre Lewis, CMCP, Compliance Manager II, Loan Documentation, AAG

Mid America has always sought opportunities to establish itself in underserved areas of the market, and reverse mortgages are a prime example. Adding reverse mortgages to our existing product mix allows us to better cater to the unique financial needs of senior borrowers and foster customer retention by offering financial products relevant to borrowers at every stage in life. Given ReverseVision’s reputation in the reverse mortgage space, we knew the firm was the only partner we could trust to power our reverse division.

— Jeff Bode, Owner & CEO, Mid America Mortgage

With tools like the Comparison Screen in ReverseVision Exchange, I can sit down with a financial planner or real estate agent and model different reverse mortgage products. This hands-on approach goes a long way in establishing credibility with retirement planners and other trusted borrower advisors.

— Harlan Accola, CRMP, National Reverse Mortgage Director, Fairway Independent Mortgage

Offering the HECM reverse mortgage has been a smart business move for Open Mortgage. Our strategy to get into the product early has allowed us to serve growing borrower demand, build our internal expertise and prepare to serve loan originators in a wholesale capacity, supported along the way with tools delivered by ReverseVision.

— Scott Gordon, Founder, President and CEO, Open Mortgage

At a macro level we are interested in the safety and soundness of the loans we originate and the borrowers we serve, so we want to support and grow this channel in a prudent manner. We have complete confidence in ReverseVision as our reverse mortgage loan origination platform.

— Michael Crossett, Executive Vice President, The Federal Savings Bank

The creation of a reverse lending division led by industry veterans and powered by the industry’s leading reverse origination software is part of Blue Ridge Bank’s larger initiative to offer a comprehensive portfolio of home lending products capable of helping every customer attain their home ownership and financial goals. Between the functionality of RVX and the support of ReverseVision’s team, I am confident that we are well-equipped to execute our reverse division’s strategy of steady, measured growth.

— Foster Vaught, Regional Market Sales Manager, Blue Ridge Bank

Adding HECM and reverse mortgage products is part of our larger strategy to provide a fully-rounded suite of products that help borrowers achieve their homeownership and financial goals. An important part of facilitating a mutually successful lending experience is outfitting our team with leading technology.

— David Weinstein, National HECM Manager, Hometown Lenders

RVX integrates easily with our other software, so salespeople and loan officers can all easily work together on the same file. Information only has to be entered once, and then RVX populates all relevant programs and documents. This makes our process more efficient and helps position us for some significant growth in the HECM arena.

— Chad Cavanaugh, Branch Manager, Bank of England Mortgage

RV Exchange allows us to deliver the same reverse mortgage package to any number of investor partners. We don’t have to learn and open a bunch of different investors’ systems to compare options. We absolutely love that.”

— Glen Smart, Reverse Mortgage Division Manager, NOVA Home Loans

New American Funding selected RVX due to its simplicity, its popularity with nearly all the major lenders and its ability to integrate with our LOS as well as our enterprise CRM and lead management platform. ReverseVision was very helpful in onboarding us and worked hard to help my team create some custom modules.

— Ellen Skaggs, Reverse National Production Manager, New American Funding

All of the documents I need for application through closing, no matter what type of reverse loan it is, are available in RVX, which makes my job a lot easier. I don’t have to worry about whether the docs are correct. ReverseVision guarantees that they are.

— Paulette Wisch, Vice President of Reverse Lending, Universal Lending Corporation