Welcome to the NEW Constellation Mortgage Solutions Website!

The change brings expanded opportunity to serve the mortgage industry and moves growing mortgage portfolio toward the Constellation brand family.


Mortgage Builder (MB), a leading provider of mortgage loan origination and servicing software, has announced that it has rebranded as Constellation Mortgage Solutions, Inc. (CMS), introducing an all new identity that aligns with its vision of the future. The change represents growth, advanced offerings and an evolution that spans the entire mortgage ecosystem.

As Constellation Mortgage Solutions, the company will build on more than twenty years of tradition providing innovative mortgage technology solutions and best-in-class service for residential lenders and the consumers they serve.

Following Constellation Software Inc.’s acquisitions of Mortgage Builder in 2019 and ReverseVision earlier in 2022, the new unified brand brings new life, opportunity and growth to a collective team and mission, with a commitment to advance the shifting digital mortgage landscape.

“We are proud of the innovative vision we’ve cultivated over the last three years, the exclusive integrations we’ve secured for our customers, and strategic growth through acquisitions like industry leader, ReverseVision in February,” said Stephen Ryczek, President of Constellation Mortgage Solutions. “The transition from Mortgage Builder to Constellation Mortgage Solutions allows us to strategically offer additional best in class technology solutions and partnerships for independent mortgage lenders, banks and credit unions, while moving toward the Constellation brand family.”

The rebrand comes as the company transforms its enterprise Loan Origination (LOS) and Loan Servicing (LSS) platforms to a fully browser-based experience delivering a modern user interface that will launch later in 2022.

Existing enterprise solutions will remain Mortgage Builder LOS and Mortgage Builder LSS, available on the new CMS website.

About Constellation Mortgage Solutions
Constellation Mortgage Solutions provides industry-leading lending technology solutions through its products: Mortgage Builder LOS, Mortgage Builder LSS, and ReverseVision. Constellation Mortgage Solutions Inc. acquires and invests in financial software companies that provide mission-critical solutions for the mortgage industry and is part of the Romulus Group, a portfolio of vertical market software (VMS) companies within the Perseus division of Constellation Software Inc. more information, visit https://www.constellationmortgagesolutions.com/.

About Romulus
Romulus manages and invests in mission-critical vertical market software companies across the globe, with a focus on the long-term success of the companies and leaders who join them. The Romulus portfolio includes 21 vertical market software companies that span a growing number of verticals globally. Romulus is part of the Perseus operating group of Constellation Software, Inc. For more information, visit https://www.csiromulus.com