Software Licensing

Choose the access level that is right for your business!

Today’s mortgage lending environment is competitive, so building strong customer relationships and maintaining them is essential. Technology is making it easier than ever for new entrants to challenge the status quo, and lenders must continually adapt their product and service offerings to meet clients’ evolving needs.

Below is an example of the two types of license levels offered and the benefits of each.

The software can be accessed in the following ways:

  1. Through a wholesale lender network with limited features and services available.
    (Ideal for those Brokers who originate 1-3 loans per year)
  2. A direct license with Reversevision.
    (Perfect for any Broker, PA, Correspondent, or Investor looking for enhanced software features and the ability to customize packages)

Directly licensing the ReverseVision software yourself allows for a more robust platform experience including additional software features, access to APIs, and access to support and services that the lender-sponsored license does not account for.

Which Software License Is Right For Your Business?

Lender Sponsored License ReverseVision License
Software Access Level
Lending Level
Reactive Business Strategy
(Typically 1-3 Loans Per Year) Broker Only
Proactive Business Strategy
Broker, Principal Agent, Direct License Correspondent, Investor
Wholesale Lending Network
Software Features
Pre Qualification & Proposal
(Comparison Calculators, Loan Programs)
Basic Loan Origination Services (Facilitate Counseling, Loan Application, Processing)
Advanced Loan Origination Services (Underwriting, Closing Funding, Servicing, Secondary Market)
Additional Product Access*
RV Database, RV Bridge, MortgageSAT
RV API Access*
ReverseVision Sales Accelerator
(Web Based Sales Tools)
Basic Only
Basic and Enhanced
Software Services
Email Software Support
Support Portal Access
Access to Vendor Audit Package
Training and Professional Services
Custom Onboarding White Glove Service
Personalized Documents
Configure Product and Pricing
Pipeline Data Shared with Investor

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