Sales Accelerator (RVSA)

Manage leads and help homeowners
attain their retirement dreams with
visually striking HECM loan modeling
and comparison tools.

Show consumers the full potential
of their home equity

Become an instant HECM expert

Establish yourself as a trusted advisor and win more referrals when you present clients with the unique benefits of HECM and reverse mortgage loans.


The RVSA Comparison Calculator and Sequence of Returns Calculator are interactive tools that allow you to give consumers side-by-side comparisons of how HECMs perform against other home-equity products over the projected life of the loan.

  • Compare HECMs against HELOCs and traditional first- and second-lien mortgages.
  • See the advantages of an adjustable-rate line of credit that grows over time.
  • Show consumers alternatives to dipping into retirement savings.
  • Establish yourself as a go-to lending expert.

loan program

Built specifically for retirement-age adults, HECMs have unique benefits that may make them more desirable to older borrowers than traditional loan options. Open your borrowers’ eyes when you educate them about special HECM features such as:

  • The option to waive monthly principal and interest payments without penalty
  • Limited income requirements
  • A line of credit that grows over time and cannot be frozen

Build and
share custom

Compile loan presentations tailored to each borrower’s home value, age and unique financial situation. Save them as PDFs or print them for borrowers to show family and financial advisors how they can:

  • Replace a traditional mortgage with a HECM line of credit that grows over time
  • Improve retirement portfolio survival
  • Purchase a home closer to family or attain a dream  home while remaining mortgage-payment free
  • Refinance to improve cash flow and supplement long-term savings with a line of credit that outperforms standard HELOCs
screenshot showing customizable options to model HECM loans against other loan types in ReverseVision Sales Accelerator

See RVSA in action

Watch RVSA demos that guide you through the four most common reverse mortgage lending scenarios.

Ensure your clients get
the best results every time

RVSA’s scenario-building component allows you to compare traditional, HELOC and reverse loan options side by side with clear graphs and advanced calculators built in.


Wow customers and important referral partners such as Realtors, builders and financial advisors with your expertise. The RVSA resource center contains a knowledge library with valuable information on:

  • Rate outlooks
  • HECM lending tutorials
  • How to talk to referral partners

Gain a
productivity assistant

Properly manage each step of a reverse mortgage loan’s life cycle and streamline your workflow from awareness to secondary market.

  • Quickly view your contact and loan progression, current rates and campaign tracking.
  • Keep track of loan progress. Never call your processor again for a status update.
  • More than a dozen in-app notifications ensure you never miss an important loan milestone or appointment.

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Create a seamless lending experience with ReverseVision integrations and APIs. Plug and play immediately with established partner integrations, or build custom connections to your preferred systems and data sources with our open APIs.

Configure your
unique digital
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